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Interfacing Gestural Data from Instrumentalists

This paper presents preliminary work on a system for capturing gestures from music instrumentalists. A saxophone player performed an étude from standard repertoire in two different manners: firstly, constraining their physical gestures to pro- duce sound and execute the written music; secondly, to exaggerate the gestures to include expressions of emotions. The author used a “non-invasive” way to capture the performance gesture using wearable IMU devices with sensor fusion. Using open source 3D creation software, the author extracted motion paths from the data generated by the performer. A 3D Kernel Density Estimation (KDE) algorithm was implemented to create a visualization of density of the trajectories of the head, left elbow and left hand. Analyzing the gestural space of a work of music to develop composition strategies when interfacing the machine and the performer in real time electroacoustic music is highlighted.

Article in Art Music Review

Compositional Strategies in Spectral Spatialization

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