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Martin Jaroszewicz · Vancouver Rain

06/01/2022 / Implementing an Audio Processing System to Simulate Realistic Distance with Sound

With COSMOS UCI 2021 students


01/01/2021 / FotoComBA Expo


09/08/2019 / Ambisonic Recordings with the Rode NT-SF1 / Listen to excerpts of some of the ambisonic recordings I made in Argentina.


For more on ambisonic audio check the Spatial Audio section of this site

02/28/2019 / Hyperobject No. 1 / Palacio de la Madraza / Granada, Spain.

11/08/2018 / Lago Argento, percussion, electronics and video / Universitatea Nationala de Muzica din Bucuresti / Bucharest, Romania.

09/12/2018 / Hyperobject No. 1 / International Videoarts Festival:

05/07/2018 / Termination Shock / Cine Le Corbusier, French Embassy / Brasilia.
05/05/2018 / Termination Shock / Visual Music / Centro de Cultura Digital / Ciudad de Mexico.

03/22/2018 / Enactive Virtuality – a framework for dynamically adaptive soundscapes / Chapman University / Orange, CA.


Enactive Virtuality

In Trauma, Loss, Transcendence, an audiovisual interactive installation dedicated to the vitims and survivors of the San Bernardino attacks, participants send tweets to control sound parameters of the installation.

Trauma, Loss, Transcendence

Trauma, Loss, Transcendence. Culver Center of the Arts, Riverside, CA.

Trauma, Loss, Transcendence

05/12-13/2017 / New work for piano, percussion and electronics in AudioVisual Music IV: Metropolis / Culver Center of the Arts / Riverside, CA.

02/01/2017 / Oye. Un pájaro está por cantar / UCR Performance Lab in the 3rd International Villa Lobos Festival / Riverside, CA.

01/27/2017 / City in the Sea / California State University / San Bernardino, CA.

12/01-02/2016 / The City in the Sea / For Soprano, percussion and electronics / Culver Center of the Arts / Riverside, CA.

12/01-02/2016 / Trauma, Loss, Transcendence / Audio-Visual Installation dedicated to the victims and survivors of the San Bernardino mass shooting / Culver Center of the Arts / Riverside, CA.

07/16/2016 / El disco / Muestra de Música Visual México. Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Centro Histórico, Ciudad de México, México.

05/24/2016 / El disco / Culver Center of the Arts / Riverside, CA.

03/18/2016 / El disco / Dixie State University / Utah.

03/31/2016 / Lago Argento / Musikhögsklan, Örebro Universitet, Sweden.